One of the outstanding classics of Kanchi Maha Periyava literature. If a reading of this article by Dr. D. Sundararaman does not purify and elevate you, I do not know what else will do that! Please read with patience and devotion. You will become a better person, I assure you!

Sage of Kanchi

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This is not a new book. Same one I published long back in English ( There are no words to explain about this book. At the end of this book, one would only envy “why can’t I be that Dr Sundararaman?” – such a blessed soul. His English itself was outstanding. Now, Shri Narayanan Bala had done an translation in Tamil, which brings the nativity to all of us – to me, that matters a lot – and added more flavor to this treasure! It isn’t an easy job to do such translation. Shri Narayanan has done a fantastic job. Our namaskarams to both Dr Sundararaman and Narayanan. I intend to do a video interview with Dr Sundararaman at the earliest – long due task at my end!

Here is the book at scribd for online reading and also a link to my google documents for download.

If the…

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