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Late Sri Ra. Ganapati is a Great Soul. let us remember Him on Maha Sivarathri !

Maha Periyava with Kunjithapaatham Dharshan
Maha PeriyavaL with Chidambaram Lord Nataraja’s Kunjithapaatham on His Head!
Kunjithapaatham for Lord Nataraja’s Feet is prepared with rare roots and herbs. Dharshan is of medicinal value!

Maha PeriyavaL with Goddess Kamakshi!

Kamakshi_Maha Periyava1Ammaiyappan , Maha Periyava on Pradosham time
Maha Periyava at Pradosham Time

Satya Sai Baba
Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba

Late Sri Ra. Ganapati, the author who gave us “Deivaththin Kural” of Maha PaeriyavaL and the universal mantra “Am Bhagava:” “அம் பகவ:” which can be chanted by anyone, anytime, any number of times (meaning I do Namaskaaram to Bhagavan”) merged with Maha PeriyavaL on Maha Sivarathri last year 2012. Let us remember Him and pray today (10 March 2013) on Maha Sivarathri! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

“Sri Ra.Ganapati belongs to a rare breed of writers, who could bring through his pen and with his authentic personal experience, the quintessence of religion expounded by great sages. Amble with him through his books, there is no better way of learning the teachings of the great sages of Bharat, notably “Sri Adi Sankara”, the Sage of Kanchi Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi and Sri Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi. A naishtika brhmachari, he has a distinct style in Tamil that is enjoyable to read and teases you sometimes with complex structure of sentences.Sanskritised in certain narrations, he still does no violence to the purity of language but captures beautifully the native Indian spirit in his works.

Sri Ra.Ganapati does not write anymore but he leaves for us enormous reading potential to last a life time and more. He had the unique privilege of staying in close spiritual proximity to unarguably two of the most powerful Spiritual Gurus that have strode amidst us within the last 100 years. Deivathin Kural (The Voice Divine) is the most authentic compilation of what Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi of the Kanchi Mutt spoke and lived for. Countless generations will stay in debt to Sh.Ra.Ganapati for his compilation. Swamy serialized in Dinamani Kadir swept the Puttaprathi Baba wave in Tamil Nadu.

By the blessings of Baba and with Sri Ra.Ganapati as the inspiring force, Divya Vidya Trust was founded by Sri K.Ramamurti with the object of publishing the works of Sri Ra.Ganapati and making it accessible to all at affordable prices. Divya Vidya Trust is honoured to have the privilege of hosting a web site to make freely available most of Sri Ra.Ganapati s books published by the Trust. Once the task is completed, the following are the titles this site will link you to:

“Leela Nataka Sai Theeradha Vilayattu Sai”

Baba is known to his devotees through the miracles that he performed. They were expressions of love and helped the devotees to consume in tiny droplets the infinite energy that he exuded. The latter book contains some rare color transparencies, as well.

“Anbu Arubathu Arivu Arubathu Arpudham Arubathu”

Written on the completion of 60 years, each of the titles contains 60 episodes that epitomize the qualities of love, wisdom and miracles of Baba. Sri Sayee 108 The book weaves 54 slokas composed by Sri. Ramadas Iyer and 54 essays written by Ra.Ganapati to make a wholesome 108 topics on “Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai”.

The books on Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati are precious gems and bring an infinite variety of recordings from personal experiences, divine lectures, narrations of astounding acts of compassion and erudite expressions of wisdom of the Sage of Kanchi, who was the Spiritual Colossus, the Maha Periava or Maha Swami to his devotees. Maha Periyaval Virundhu Devotees learn how the great masters have led their lives. The book captures episodes from Periaval s life through his words and actions that are a delightful feast to his devotees. Maithrim Bhajatha Karunai Kanchi Kanakadharai Kanchi Munivar Ninaivu Kadambam, Kanchi Periaval s expressions of love transcended the normal human plane. They extended to every being in this world and beyond, – to insects, birds and animals. Could a person have compassion and love for white ants or mosquitoes? You will find worthy episodes from his life. Sollin Selvar Sri Kanchi Munivar Sankarar Enra Sangeetham

The Sage s wit and pun were employed only to heighten the effect of his weighty words, already impregnated with wisdom. His prowess in music and the devotional content that the genre of carnatic music has, are exposited beautifully through these books. Jaya Jaya Sankara Sri Ra.Ganapati wrote “Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara” for Kalki, the Tamil Weekly, when he was just 27. The title is immortalized in public memory as wordy exhortations to everything connected to Adi Sankara, his worthy disciples and the Advaita philosophy that he expounded Navarathri Nayaki – Durga worship is not only popular in West Benagal, but celebrated with enthusiasm in Karnantaka and Tamil Nadu as well. The book details the epic details of the powerful Goddess that vanquished demons and symbolized victory of good over evil. Sri Matha Sri Lalitha Devi, Sri Kamakshi, the Janani for the whole universe, all in one. The book is a replication of the serial that Ra.Ga wrote for the Tamil magazine, Mangaiyar Malar. Katrinile Varum Geetham Bakthi cult of Krishna through Meera Bai s spiritual life and songs are familiar to the Tamil public, thanks to soulful renditions of Smt.M.S.Subbulakshmi and her acting in Bakta Meera. Could there be any one who was not mesmerized by the immortal song that goes with the same words? Amma

The divine life of Sri Sarada that established the Ramakrishna Order with Vivekananda as its spiritual head is a saga of love, service and sacrifice. The book offers a complete understanding not only of the spiritual journey of Sri Sarada Ma but also of the life of Sri Ramakrishna and his illustrious and great disciple, Swami Vivekananda. Jai Hanuman (Part 1) Hanumanji stands personified in devotion, humility, valor and immortality. The book brings to life the presence of the God incarnate that lived just not in the times of Sri Rama, but here and now, in our contemporary lives.

Vaishnava Janato – The song composed by Sri Narasi Mehta was among Gandhiji s favorites. Who was a true vaishnava? What are his/her qualities? What made the content of the song so relevant to embed spirituality in to our lives? The book holds the key to the answers.”